Most Anticipated Trends of Web and Mobile – 2013

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Yield Team is always interested in learning and dedicating time to acquire the necessary technical knowledge to apply in daily work. At the end of 2012, we decided to do some brainstorm, look around on the web, follow experts to try gathering information on how the web could evolve in 2013.

It wouldn’t be right to say Trends is only a prediction for 2013, It may take longer or we may see much more than what we see evolving in a whole year.

Here our list goes:

1. Touch devices will bring lots of experimentation around UI design and it’s responsiveness.

2. Simplicity and Usability will take over the cluttered designs.

3. Web and mobile versions of website or application both would get similar importance.

4. It will become more important to look at the operation side of the platform as well. It’s more important to focus on the needs of the people who will maintain the site (Production team, Editorial team, SEO team)

5. Knowing content structure, length will become more important for designers to know upfront before even starting a designing of the layout.

6. All of us entities of your web team will need to work together– designers, developers, and content strategists—to create the right content, structured for reuse, and then design around it.

7. There is a hell lot of content around which no one is really reading (Content just for sake of SEO). Moving forward we feel people are looking for less but more focused content, easy to read and access. It’s time to make the web easy.

8. You will see everything synced. It’s possible, you start a task on your desktop, continue on a tablet and finish it on your phone.

9. Design will become platform independent. We can’t really design for a specific platform anymore, everything has to work across platforms.

10. Cloud will emerge stronger and SaaS will take over almost all traditional applications.

We will keep adding more and more items as we move along 2013

And list continue….

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  1. lyon france says:

    Keep on working, great job!

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