How UI/UX is Changing the Game of Business?

The art of communication is the language of leadership – James Humes

This also applies to how well you communicate your brand to your customers, and design is undoubtedly a huge part of your communication. In all actuality, how well you are communicating your business is not determined by how well you say things, but how well your customers understand you. To this; among all the other answers and quick fixes that enterprises are coming up with; UI/UX of digital products/representations or websites stands out like none other. UI/UX is THE communication that you need to make with your customers. Let us check out UI/UX design trends 2018, and how are they changing the game of businesses.

First and foremost, let us understand what UI/UX is and the difference between the two. Yes, they are different, though both are used interchangeably, more often than not!

Both UI and UX are used to bring two aspects together for your digital products; features and details!
Features: Bring your customers to your product.
Details: Keep them there.

The difference:
• UX Design – Creating the macro interactions of your product or website
• UI Design – Detailing of those macro interactions

These definitely make a large part of the emerging trends in digital marketing.

UX is basically the User Experience; the feeling grabbed by the user when they visit your digital design. UI is the User Interface, which implies the set of all the elements and approaches used to create that design. The overall success of the website or app depends on how the design and functions communicate with the end user. Thus, the user experience, and all the other impressive elements it seeps through; make the essentials of a right UI/UX design.

When we talk about prominent digital trends 2018, businesses are now striving to create the excellent user experience, which happens only if the digital product is easy to use and keeps getting recommendations from your end users.

Thus, the features of UI/UX that are capable of changing the business game are:

• They create simple to use functions, which are understandable with a minimum number of clicks. IM app Whatsapp is a great example of a simple UI/UX design.

• They facilitate clear communication with the users. Clarity is integral to your digital product design. It makes it possible for your users to interact with your system.

• Feedback and response time are the front-runners when it comes to creating an excellent user experience for your target customers. Lesser the response time, better is the user loyalty. UI/UX helps to bring that in place.

• Providing the right information through the design and functionality are also very important. Whenever a user needs an assistance or information in case of a fix, he should be able to get it without any delay. Assistance should be such that it can guide the user stepwise to resolve the situation immediately. UI/UX is the key runners for this.

• They help to undo user mistakes. Yes, this is prominent to your design. Users are bound to make mistakes and create errors. Your digital product should offer a choice to undo them. This is again a prominent part of UI/UX Design Trends 2018.

Why should UI/UX be an important part of your digital marketing strategy 2018?

When a business’s website is appreciated or rejected, the major credit of these reactions goes to UI/UX. Therefore, UI/UX is the fundamental dynamic that determines the success of a business’s web presence, and the business thereof. Consumers and buyers are making a whole lot of online transactions and they seek ultimate web experience while making the purchases. It becomes even more critical to make optimum use of UI/UX to create best-looking websites that offer great user experience too, through seamless functionalities.

These two elements must be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy 2018 if you are looking for highest customer retention through your website, which holds a lot of potential when it comes to changing the game of your business. Any digital or analogue product gains popularity if it comes with negligible complications and is easy to use. A direct impact on sales is made through the user-friendliness of the website. A smooth, flawless and effortless user experience is what drives your business’s success.

How are UI/UX design trends 2018 going to change the business game for you?

We are aware that the growth in internet space, especially in social networking and e-commerce, has tremendously changed the functioning of businesses. Internet, social media and e-commerce websites are facilitating billions of dollars worth of online sale and every business is striving hard to improve their web presence to gain and retain customers. A user-friendly website and a communicative mobile app prove to be the paramount tools in this endeavour. They represent your brand. More effective they are, more is the ROI. The simplicity, ease of use, impressive appearance and information delivery are the features that users look for in any digital representation of the business. UI/UX help you gain all these, with least effort. It helps you to gain the trust of your customers, and thus, they keep returning to you, making more and more conversions possible for you.

It is therefore important for you to make way towards UI/UX; one of the most imperative emerging trends in digital marketing.


The ultimate objective of UI/UX is to present an optimized design and experience to create a lasting impression. Businesses get a definite boost for future growth if the UI & UX aspects are set right through the start as impressive, user-friendly digital products are created for the representation. Thus, the business game changes for better!

We at Yield Interactive are waiting to hear from you to address your web presence needs through UI/UX and help you communicate your brand to your customers. Let us connect.

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