How to Pitch the Right Way for App Distribution?

In the growing times of digital marketing and increasing needs to have responsive web presences to fuel your digital marketing endeavours, you simply cannot suffice with a website alone. You, most definitely, need a mobile app for your business. An application is imperative to grab the attention of your target customers and be readily available to them on their hand-held devices. The smartphone generation today is making all the purchases through their phones and more so, through the applications, they download for their Android or iOS devices. However, once the app is developed and is equipped to sell your business, the next step that comes to mind is the mobile app marketing, which is actually the most crucial part.

We are glad to bring some constructive indicators you can work upon for mobile app marketing yourself. It’s not an exhaustive list because there are other aspects to it which will require technical capabilities related to ASO and BTL for offline promotional partnerships:

Make your App Development Worth Its Use
If you decided to develop an application for your business, you must also make sure that it proves to be a useful tool for the users. If it is something that people may not need or cannot gain anything from, they won’t be interested in downloading to their devices. That would be a huge failure to your app download strategy. You have to ensure that your app is not a clone or an extension to your website. Open the creative realms and offer some eye-catchy templates and extra information, which is not available on your other web presences. This alone is definitely going to take the want-graph for your app a few notches up.

If you check the website for HQbe and check their mobile application, you would know what we are talking about.

Use QR Codes as App Distribution Channels
It is a smartphone generation that we are targeting today for all business selling needs. With the smart devices in hands, people are always ready for QR or Quick Response codes. They are the best distribution channels for your app. Add the QR code for your app download to your website, business card, brochures, mailers, business receipts or physical store’s windows. A quick scan can directly download your app to the user’s phone and place your brand in their hand.

Mobile Advertising is Also one of the Strongest Mobile App Distribution Channels

With a mobile app in place, PPC (Pay Per Click) is definitely a workable app download strategy. Once you consider PPC, you have to ensure that you put your ads on mobile devices with the help of Google. These mobile ads target users making searches for specific products and services similar to your business. When these ads appear on their devices, the likelihood of pressing the download button is increased manifolds.

Use Social Advertising for Mobile App Marketing

Social advertising is a great app distribution channel that allows you to target your customers as per the demographics and interests. You can promote your app specifically to the customers who you know would need your products or services in a particular area. Facebook ads offer this feasibility and have a huge success graph attached to it. Targeting a bracketed audience with precise interests that are specific to your mobile app will definitely lead to lower advertising costs, yet, higher returns, constructively fueling your app download strategy.

Use Guest Blogging to Post about App Development

This is a highly effective way to build an audience for your mobile app. Posting varied blogs that talk about your brand and the associated mobile app is a substantial way to spread the word. Blogs written around your niche domain and the offerings on the mobile app definitely grab the attention of your target users. Make sure the blogs do not just appear as promotional pieces but provide a lot of related information too. Make the blog an interesting read leading towards an action, and do not forget to add a CTA (Call to Action) towards the end of the blog, which makes your users, check out your app and download it for further use.

If you are not technically equipped to implement the above stratagem, mobile app marketing agencies such as ours, are a great help to promote your app through various app distribution channels.

Let us connect to discuss your app distribution needs and put your business brand in every prospective user’s hand.

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