Dream realized bootstrapping the startup

We ourselves are startup so all of us at Yield Interactive understand and respect startup a lot. In past, we as a team worked on almost 50+ successful startups.

Each startup project brought new challenges for us in terms of:

  1. New Business model
  2. New Technology
  3. Usability and User Experience expectations
  4. Funding crisis
  5. Automation of business at optimum cost
  6. Last minute changes
  7. All hands on deck at going live

Well, I am sure everyone will think, why do we need to go a hard way when we can get easy to do jobs and that’s good enough to sustain a team and generate revenues.

We, Yielders, are little hard headed and we think of value first and our own revenues next.

After all these years of serving bootstrappers and entrepreneurs, we have achieved:

  1. A sense of self-satisfaction (Feel good about what we do !!!)
  2. Great team bonding
  3. Lots of word of mouth publicity
  4. Plenty of ongoing accounts

Over next few weeks, we will share some of Dos and Don’ts of Startup on basis of our past experience.

Lets, kickstart a new beginning !!!!

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